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Burberry Nova Check Snap Shoulder Bag Black official online sale 75Aq9904

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Can Cumbria's former MPs get back into Parliament Mr Woodcock has clashed with his own party on the issue, as thousands of jobs in his constituency rested on a vote by MPs about whether or not to spend billions, at a time of austerity, on arms they hoped would never be needed.

To say he and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn have not always seen eye to eye is putting it mildly. However, in an increasingly volatile global climate, it would now appear they are roughly on discount burberry bags the same page regarding Trident, with the party's new manifesto including a firm commitment to retain the deterrent. But is it enough? Winning with a majority of just 795 votes at the 2015 General Election, Mr Woodcock knows his seat is firmly on the Conservative hit list and it remains to burberry discount online store be seen what effect the Trident deal and his public battles with his own party will have on his campaign. Despite putting himself forward to defend his seat, Mr Woodcock has predicted a national Tory landslide. But he hopes that, rather than seeing it as a contest between Corbyn and Theresa May, local voters will decide that an opposition MP would be better placed to speak up for Barrow and Furness among a "sea of blue". He said: "I'm the underdog, no question about it. "But my record is always standing up for the area, even if it gets me in hot water with my own party." Asked why he didn't stand as an independent, he said: "I've always been Labour. Labour values are my values. I just don't agree with the guy who's in charge of the party at the moment." Ultimately Mr Woodcock believes he still connects with people on the doorstep, and therefore still stands a chance. "MPs need to get involved in the community, and I can put my record to the voters." He believes the Trident vote was a crucial moment for him as MP, securing local employment. "We are talking about thousands of high skilled jobs. It employs 9,000 now and will rise even further at its peak." Another key challenge has been to turn around the fortunes of the troubled Furness General Hospital following the high profile deaths of babies and mothers, which have come to light in recent years. But he praised relatives of the deceased and the wider community for fighting for the hospital. "We came within five days of having the maternity unit downgraded. Now we've got a brand new unit going up," he said. The other candidates standing in Barrow are: Loraine Birchall (Lib Dem), Simon Fell (Conservative), Rob O'Hara (Green), Alan Piper (Ukip) Learning to shout out loud for west Cumbria Sue Hayman, Workington Since being elected in 2015, burberry coats outlet online Sue Hayman has risen quickly up the ranks of the Labour party onto the shadow front bench. However the Shadow Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs insists local issues have always been her top priority, only accepting positions that have strong links. "I wouldn't have taken jobs if I did not feel it was of benefit to the constituency. I learnt very quickly that if we were going to get anything done we would have to shout a lot," she said. Asked for her view on leader Jeremy Corbyn, she said: "He's very polarising. I meet people who think he's an absolute breath of fresh air. You get both sides. "What I burberry bathing suit can say, for all of us, is that we are trying to bring in policies that are best for everyone." The 2015 floods were one of her biggest tests as an MP, with parts of her constituency badly hit. She admitted some progress has been slow. "Everything seems to take a very long time. I've argued long and hard for funding, and worked very hard with the Environment Agency and different flood action groups to try and move things along." For businesses, she claimed to have set up talks with the insurance industry. And she revealed she'd had "very frustrating" conversations with ministers about the way funding is dished out.

"There's still a lot to be done. We believe Cumbria is a special case. I think we've got a strong argument," she said.

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